Design for the Architecture of tomorrow

Our goal is to give you a nice, comfortable and sustainable school with relevant pedagogical contents. We dream that your children impatiently wait for the bell to set the lessons’ start every morning.



Sustainable Architecture

Archiloco studio associato actively participates to tenders and competitions for projects concerning architectural design and construction management. According to the experience and interests of the Firm, most of the projects deal with learning spaces for every age. Our main interest concerns school buildings for childhood, that allow to tackle themes of energy saving and sustainability while showing the students how good practices reflect both on the school microcosm and, more generally, on the environment in which we live.


Educational shapes

The construction technology clearly appears through openings in the walls (where the structure is visible) or touch screen panels. Thanks to these interventions, teachers are able to better integrate their lessons with more immersive and complex topics. Students can finally touch and discover the physical features of their School.

More info?

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