About us

About us

At the end of the ‘90s the owners of the study undertook a process of discussion of issues related to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings, exploitation of renewable energy sources and use of natural materials. Through the gradual introduction of these issues within projects, the most appropriate technology mix to achieve the set goals was identified from time to time.

The results of the research of innovative solutions and contemporary formal languages tailored to the context of insertion, were applied in the implementation of school buildings, mainly aimed at children, within which the technological component was emphasized and valued also for learning, to promote the growth of environmental awareness of both educators and children. The Primary School of Piobesi Torinese, in particular, has been appreciated and awarded with several prestigious awards: the Environmental and social sustainability Award promoted by Ancitel Energia e Ambiente + Gruppo Saint Gobain (2010), the Architectures Revealed Award awarded by OAT Torino (2011), the Energy Efficiency Award promoted by ABB (2011).

The production within the public sphere involved the development of projects relating to teaching, spaces for culture and socialization, while the private sphere activities range from residential to interior design. The opportunities to approach to the activity of conservation, restoration and enhancement of the architectural heritage have also been important.

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Silvano Bandolin

Born in Turin in 1959, architect and founder, graduated at the Politecnico of Turin.


Laura Porporato

Born in Turin in 1961, architect and founder, graduated at the Politecnico of Turin.



Alessio Cedro

Architect, graduated at the Politecnico di Torino University in 2015 and licensed to practice.

Cad and 3D drawing professional. Expert in post-production. Great graphic design skills, extended to the whole Adobe suite. Specialist in BIM parametric design. He obtains the UNI 11-337 BIM specialist certificate in 2020.


Ernesto Fava

Architect of the Ordine degli Architetti di Torino. Graduated in 2016.

Expert in 2D and 3D drawing, including rendering and post-production. Certificated BIM specialist, according to the UNI-11337 regulations. Professional graphic designer and digital illustrator for private companies.

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