Centro congressi di Courmayeur

Oggetto dell'opera

Allestimento Centro Congressi e messa a norma

Luogo del progetto

P.le Montebianco, Courmayeur - Aosta

Anno di progettazione


Anno di realizzazione


Valore dell’opera

650.000 €


Comune di Courmayeur

progetto integrato

ARCHILOCO studio associato, ing. Enrico Guiot, arch. Ilaria Muratore, arch. Claudio Raimondo


Progettazione integrale (architettonica, strutturale, impiantistica, mutimediale, arredi, coordinamento per la sicurezza)


The renovations and interior and exterior design of the old disused municipal cinema has been implemented in only 135 days and had to enhance the Alpine panorama visible from the large windows. After the construction of two new opposing safety ladders the reconfiguration of the steps the renovation of the toilets, it was possible to set up a hall for 240 spectators, complete with all the facilities required for its operation. The internal linings, seats and furniture items have been customized, coordinating colors, materials and shapes to meet the demands of the property.