Lonate Ceppino Primary and Secondary School


Tender for a Primary and Secondary School including a public Concert Hall/Auditorium


Via Vittorio Veneto, Lonate Ceppino (VA)


Comune di Lonate Ceppino

Auditorium Surface

317,00 sqm

Total Floor surface

4.000,00 sqm

Outdoor space

8.000,00 sqm

Garden Area

2.700,00 sqm



Energy Performance

NZEB (EP<15 kWh/sqm year)


4.800.000,00 €

Design Architects

Archiloco studio associato | arch. Alessio Cedro | arch. Ernesto Fava


ing. Marcon | ing. Matarazzo


ing. Corrado Curti

Acoustic Design

Onleco Srl

Geological Design

dott.geol Ugo De La Pierre

Sustainable design Focus

arch. Andre Clos


Design of a new suburban school complex, characterized by: offices, auditorium, canteen. The high energy performance building is dry assembled through the use of CLT walls. The NZEB class performance and the elevated comfort of the interiors will be defined through the use of renewable, eco-friendly , recycled and recyclable materials (80% end of life), according to the CAM regulations. A sustainable school that could become a reference for good building practices in order to communicate to children and their parents a new model of environmental protection and costs saving. Two buildings for two different schools, unified by a glazed double height construction, inserted between the entrance square and the educational garden, consisting of: pond, didactical greenhouse, play spaces. The bioclimatic atrium, equipped with a bathroom, acts as a filter before the auditorium and the canteen, opening these spaces to the territory, without interfering with the other didactic activities. The primary school classrooms destined to the youngest students are located on the ground floor, in order to enhance the visual and functional interaction with the garden, arranged as an educational space, from where it’s possible to use all the 5 senses, learning how to recognize: rhythm, colors, parfums and flavours of the nature. The students of the first floor can access the wide terrace, equipped with pergolas, gatrering spaces and educational vegetable garden. The photovoltaic panels on the roof supply the electric heat pumps that use geothermal energy to heath the radiant floor. The solar heating panel system supplies warm sanitary water. The KNX Building Automation system manages and oversees both the electric plants and the building’s systems, alerting the users in case of maintenance cycle or malfunction. The Ligthing system turns off when the the envelop receives enough direct radiation or the room is empty.