Restauro del Palazzo Govone Caratti di Alba

Oggetto dell'opera

Ristrutturazione e restauro del Palazzo Caratti-Govone di Alba e nuove autorimesse interrate

Luogo del progetto

Alba Via Govone/Via Vida

Anno di progettazione


Anno di realizzazione


Valore dell’opera

4.700.000 €


Committente privato

progetto architettonico integrato

ARCHILOCO studio associato - arch. Luigi Chiomio

progetto strutturale

Simete snc

progetto impianti

ing. Cosimo Valente - ing. Edoardo Rivetti


Progettazione integrale (architettonica, strutturale, impiantistica) e direzione lavori in corso d'opera


The original core of the medieval palace (XIII Century) was built on the ruins of a Roman “domus” located within the town of Alba Pompeia (I-II Century). The project involved the demolition of several smaller buildings, the construction of a new “L-shaped” section towards the Theater Square and the three floors underground parking, built after the creation of a soldier pile wall of micro piles counteracted by 3 sets of temporary anchoring rock bolts. The delicate task of restoration and redefinition of the drawing, subsequent to the archaeological, architectural and artistic finds, allowed to integrate the valuable historical artifacts, greatly increasing the symbolic and commercial value of the building.